Saturday, August 20, 2011

Site update

Ok here is the newest Update.... The site is loaded all I have to do is get things set and it will be ready to go Hopefully by Next Weekend.....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

State of the Site update

Well as you all know if you have been reading the Blog I told you we were thinking about updating the webpage since the search and other stuff wont work. SO without further delay I am going to provide everyone with a preview of what it may look like, You will have several Themes to chose from.... REMEMBER this is just a preview.

There will be more changes coming soon so stay tuned and remember to read the Blog to find out more.

Click the picture to get a bigger preview

Sunday, August 14, 2011

State of the Site

Once a Month I am going to Provide information on the State of Sinlesslinks and the forum side. This will hopefully get some feed back and let you know the site has changed and is not going anywhere we are just trying to "keep up with the times".  So without further delay here is what has been happening with both sites. As most of you know changed hands with new owners and new designers. Well as of right now I am the new Designer and I am trying to fix the errors that exists on the forum. Some of these errors are easy to fix some will take time and may even take a new design. Hopefully the latter of the 2 wont come to pass but if it does you will see it here and will be told In advance. as for the Forum side Many changes have been made, we now have an updated Vbulletin forum with a totally new and revamped look. Now I can hear the grumbles already, I wont use the forum side, or "If you cut me I will bleed Sinlesslinks". Ok I hear you but consider the many advantages we have on the forum side versus the main site. Better Privacy, Search that actually works, Links that wont expire as quickly, and many more such as VIP where you can get direct links, meaning no having to buy premium accounts in 15 different filehosting sites. I know that is my favorite perk. Ok enough of the advertising of the Forum side, but give it a try before you dismiss it completely you may have to sign in but use the same username as when you signed up on the main side so we know who you are. Also the Forum side we will be doing some of the same things as on the main side, such as only certain people will be allowed to post, keeping down the clutter and thus eliminating downd links, and you will find the great quality posting there as you do in the main site with some added perks like multiple tv-series links instead of just the 1 set of links. So keep looking here for more information on up and coming changes. and Welcome to the New Sinlesslinks Blog